It's so lovely to meet you! 

My name is Kari, which is short for Karissa. Hence the name of this happy little website!


I believe the world can always use a little more magic and is something I try to put out on a daily basis. With a keen eye for aesthetics and visual standards, graphic design and photography backgrounds, and my experience in creative directing, restaurant and staff management + organization, I work incredibly hard to offer my capabilities to those who may be in need of the unique skillset I'm able to provide.


One of my greatest joys is to create and direct events with the purpose of bringing people together for a thematic experience that include fully immersive menus, photographic opportunities, and decor. The idea of shared experiences and communal interaction is something I've always thrived off of and will always find ways to cultivate.

It's important to find and hone the beauty and wonderment in this great life, and I'm glad you've stopped by here to get to know me and my work a little more. Take a peek at the variety of design, insight, and collaborative effort I excitedly provide and let's chat!